Last Thursday we of Intellicare were present at Garage Italia in Milan, to support the charity dinner organised by Eurama, the international association for breast cancer founded by Umberto Veronesi.

A gala evening organized by Letizia Mazzotta and supported by Lapo Elkann, and by the starred chef Carlo Cracco who for the occasion created a menu entirely dedicated to the “world of engines”.

The two main objectives of the event and of Eurama (name coming from the Euro-Asian Mastology Society, i.e. Euro-Asian Society for the fight against breast cancer, to share experience and progress in this disease with the rest of the Eurasian continent) were on the one hand to promote the scientific research and information about the disease and on the other hand to propose to the National Health Organizations some programs aimed at reducing the incidence and mortality of breast cancer in Europe and Asia.

Published On: Thursday 17 November 2022